A Basic Candle Meditation! (originally posted in 2010)

First thing like usual…
My Disclaimer: I do not claim to be correct. These are just ideas I wish to share, feel free to debate them as you like, feel free to question everything.

There’s a few ways you can do a candle meditation. One of the simple ways is to concentrate on the light of the flame to clear your mind, and do whatever else you feel. My favorite method is this though, and its a bit of a detailed idea but very simple to put together:

Think of an idea you want to meditate on (example: a piece of your life you wanna improve on), and using the best correspondence you can look up, or simply feel is right (because I am a correspondence nut), get the candle color that best relates with your meditation focus. If you dont have a lot of candles to choose from, white works best, or some other light colors. 
You can include some small sentence to start it off to let the Gods know of your intent, or just go ahead and light it and begin concentrating on the flame, feeling yourself being blanketed by the color of the candle with your specific intent in mind, and continue as long as you need to. Thank your deities if you like at the end when you blow out your candle.

Simple as that. 🙂


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