About Spirits… (Originally posted in 2010)

(Disclaimer: I do not claim to be 100% correct, but I wish to share my ideas and opinions, feel free to question everything.)

Some witches might believe in spirits or ‘spiritual entities’, there are a ton of different views on what or where they are, where they come from, and what they do. One thing I do agree with is that they’re not ALL bad. Demons and such are a different story and can get pretty specific when going into it, so Im not going to talk about ‘Demons’, just spirits.
Its been known that children have a gift of seeing spirits. Not sure which affects which more, the idea that they have such a vivid imagination to see a projection from the mind, or that spirits actually allow some children to have such a vivid imagination, because it’s pretty interesting seeing a fairy hovering over the bed, filling the kid with wonder. Even beyond little children’s tales of Peter Pan and such, where do some of these ideas come from? Who knows.
I notice how some people tend to panic when they feel some type of spirit is present in the home. It’s possible that since the spirit can’t be physically touched or occasionally seen, that it automatically instills fear in a person with the fact that they can’t literally kick this ‘intruder’ out of their private space, but somehow they have to banish it. 
I’m personally not a fan of spirit or ghost ‘hunting’, especially if some group on a house call comes in to hunt down a spirit in someone’s home and doesn’t really find out who or what it is and what business they have being there. Even beyond investigation and successful communication with the spirit, how do they know the spirit isn’t toying with them? This doesn’t imply that the spirit is bad, but that maybe the ‘hunting party’ is the intruder instead, and doesn’t deserve any truthful information (the spirit could very much be a deceased protective family member or pet). If any hostile paranormal activity goes on especially while the investigators are there, (for example if the spirit successfully shoves a vase off the shelf and breaks it), does that really imply that the spirit wants to hurt anyone? I don’t think so.
Why? There isn’t much that they can do to express their feelings. Who knows what levels of emotion they can reach as just a spirit with no physical body of any sort to contain it? Its very possible that they might suddenly blow up or express extreme sorrow. Or maybe its the spirit of a puppy finding some way to piddle on your shoe. Its very possible.
As far as what they’re doing in a location is concerned, it varies as usual. A few spirits have stumbled upon my bedroom as a kind of safe haven, as I only allow good into my personal space, and I have no need to use the energy from spirits in order to work a spell or ritual. They feel safe there as long as they don’t try anything to harm me (example, feeling drained). I know some people who will use spirits to do dirty deeds, which is wrong on many levels. (I do notice how a lot of the spirits I’ve encountered do miss being among the living and their loved ones, and being able to communicate with them instead of being ignored or banished.)
Is it possible to still be skeptical about these types of things? Of course it is, I’m a bit skeptical myself, there are some things that I simply can or can not believe. For me it’s just the little things I believe. I think that spirits are everywhere, moving around their own untouchable spaces just like the rest of us, living around us, beside us and inside other things living or inanimate, and whether or not each individual spirit wants to make itself apparent in some form, its up to them. Some other people believe that once the body is dead, the spirit goes elsewhere and doesn’t get to hang around the living. Then some people don’t believe in spirits at all. Hey, whatever works. 🙂


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One Response to About Spirits… (Originally posted in 2010)

  1. Morgan le Fay says:

    well since you have brought it up so if any one reads this and thinks i’m crazy…well they won’t think i’m the only one. i have been living in a house that was built in 1921. from the beginning i ‘felt’ them. then slowly i would see and feel things that let me know i was not imagining it. things fall,thing get thrown across the room. then the huge thing…i heard a closet door open,i went to look and it was open,it opened another inch or so while i was staring dumbstruck/frozen i finally got up the nerve to reach out with one finger and slam the door.at which time i ran screaming to my housemates room. he’s very old and catholic so he really didn’t want to think it could be anything but demons and he also wanted to ignore it. i finally got permission to bind it/them in the attic(where the door leads to). i still hear the banging it in at times though. i finally got up the nerve to talk to the spirits and i told them that i knew they were there but i couldn’t hear them if they tried to speak,also i told them that if they tried to harm me my housemate or my cat i would make sure i drove them out of this house and the property for good. so far they have been quite…just a few random unexplained noises but not stuff being thrown and no more touching(i believe one actually touched my leg while i was asleep. i figured i was dreaming until i got my cat and i started seeing him jump and look when he had just been sound asleep. anyways sorry for the very long comment. i really enjoyed your post, i’m also going to become a follower of yours to.
    brightest blessings )O(

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