Blog rules, same as ever…

I made this account to keep track of my metaphysical/withcraft studies and practices, and network with other witches to share ideas, tips advice, et cetera. I’ve been studing for a long while and soaked up a lot of information over time, so I’m very long past basics, but I am no expert. I don’t have an issue with helping people out when what I can, and when something is out of my hands, I’ll let you know and I’ll do my best not to push the issue.

Warning: Just a little note I have to add. There will be…
no “more powerful than thou” attitude going on around here 
no “Silver Ravenwolf can do no wrong” crap 
no boasting about “I’m a decendent of an ancient line of witches from teh burning times”
no Christian bashing
no “this is Black magick and this is White magick” crap
no “everything is love and light” fluff
no groveling for the best unethical spell you can think of for the most mundane reason in your current life: to sum it up, no bullshit. 

With that said, I’d also like to make another statement. Wiccans are witches, but not all witches are Wiccan.
Aside from the fact that Wicca is an initiatory lineaged oathbound fertility religion created by Gerald Gardner in the 60’s, I’d like to point out that I am not Wiccan. Just a witch with multiple interests and practices that work for me, so I’m not making any promises. Though, later on in life when I feel I am ready to become part of the clergy and I have more time and privacy, I may begin seeking dedication and initiation with a coven to become an ordained High Priestess.


About Myrna Dragonchild

~ Coming soon! :) ~
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