Metaphysical Reality Vs. Fantastic Imagination, Self Honesty, And the Value of Keeping Silent (originally posted in 09)

My “disclaimer” thing: I do not claim to be correct. These are just ideas I wish to share, feel free to debate them as you like, feel free to question everything.

The possible and the impossible. It’s two things I think about all the time, and two problems I always run into, on the internet and real life, especially concerning Metaphysical topics. It’s not necessarily right to instantly shoot down someone’s idea without giving it some thought, and it’s usually healthier for you to think about an idea before you fully accept it.

For example: metaphysical creatures. I’ll use dragons because they’re my favorite, and definitely a debatable creature. It’s a possibility they may have existed millions or billions of years ago (of course not now), but may they exist in another realm?

I’m talking about the Astral realm, a place that goes by many names, a place that may coexist with other realms, a place you might want your mind (or body) to escape to when the day is rough. It’s hard to say whether or not this place is only firmly rooted in the mind, or an actual place where people can connect that simply doesn’t physically exist. The only thing I think we can all agree on is that, by individual faith, it may (or may not) exist.
Let’s say I went around telling people I went to the astral realm and went on an amazing dragon ride, without giving them details that I consciously know it was a meditation. Surely I would get pretty mixed reactions between “you’re insane, that’s impossible”, and “oh, that’s nice”. Then, let’s say that I told them I had an amazing dragon ride meditation, and I certainly enjoyed it. Since I gave the people the idea that it was a meditation, they might say things between “oh, that’s nice” and “how did that go, and how did it benefit you?” With that, advice and techniques can be shared, and more people won’t think you’re nuts. Note: What works for you doesn’t necessarily work the same (if at all) for everyone else. Still, it’s fun to share, right? Right…?

Sometimes. Unless the things you practice are oathbound, of course you do not share them. I know I’ve had ideas that I’ve tried out and wanted to share, but I had that intense gut feeling to not share them. Not because people will think I’m nuts, but because it’s simply not for everyone else to know. When intuition speaks, do your best to listen. 

Sometimes, it’s not always good to share things when you have a firm belief in something that you cannot feel can be disproved and you want everyone else to know it. I’ve run into people who claim to be “half dragon with dragon-esque features and qualities”, “demon summoner”, “son of Satan”, “one of the 21 children of the Goddess to save the world at 2012”, “reincarnate of Odin”… and more. And no, I’m not talking about forum trolls or 11 year olds, or possibly people who have been diagnosed to be delusional either.
I know I certainly shake my head in disbelief. How about you? That’s where individual faith kicks in, and a belief for one isn’t necessarily a belief everyone has to follow. Would it be alright to simply tell them “no” and possibly start a flame war, join the bandwagon (if there is one), or simply leave it alone? You could possibly both say “no” and leave it alone, but how might the other person feel? What if they actually felt this was true, and they now feel outraged that someone told them that their idea isn’t possible, even metaphysically? This is a pretty difficult thing to decide, and believe me, I’ve had my history of flame wars. 

There’s the other option: join the bandwagon? Can you believe this idea is true? And if not, will you still “play along”? But if so, has a “point of realization” come for you, and now you doubt your own faith in the idea, and possibly other things along with it?

For me, honesty is a #1 priority, and lying to others, and even yourself, will most likely come back to bite you in due time. At the same time, you might learn something.
Like I mentioned before, it’s good to think about an idea before you completely accept or deny it (unless of course, it’s an idea that can be argued with logical fact). 
When I was younger, I’ve “played along” with certain ideas other people had, even though on the side to other people I knew at the time, I’d nudge them and discreetly give them the “crazy” signal or tell them “you know, I actually don’t believe this crap, but I act like I do so they won’t go ballistic”. It’s possible that you can act like you believe something, and eventually it becomes believable… and then you believe it, until the reality train hits you, and that train can cause all kinds of havoc. Then maybe you’ll realize, “well, that’s just a result of a fantastic imagination, of course that can’t be real, at least not for me”. Then life goes on.

And that’s pretty much that.


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