What Makes It Pagan? (originally posted in 2010)

(Disclaimer: Another post in which I do not claim to be correct, except to share information and debate ideas when necessary.)
I network a lot with other Pagans, hang around at Pagan events, meetings, gatherings, and whatever else is available. So the things I’m about to explain isn’t trolls I found online.
It’s been many occasions where I’d find many people that seem like they’re living in a fantasy land every day, almost as if their practices were a role-playing game. And this applies to people of various ages that I’ve seen, so its not strictly the teenage beginner Twilight/Silver Ravenwolf crowd. 
I’ve met people (as in full grown adults) who have claimed to be other entities, descendants of a God or Goddess, shapeshifters, vampires, lycans…
I’ve found many other people that feel that since they have switched religions and became Pagan, suddenly every dark corner is haunted;  themselves or their family is cursed because of this, that, or the other small occurrence, without considering ‘coincidence’ at all.
So, is being Pagan to some people mean that ‘everything goes’ and that other Pagans have to accept it? How ‘free thinking’ is Paganism really, when we’re surrounded by such fictitious ideas? Why do you think it’s there, and what do you think you can do about it? And honestly, how can someone defend that kind of behavior around others who take their Pagan beliefs to a more serious level, rather than just playing around for show?


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