Charge of the Morrigan by Meryt-Meihera

By the Morning maybe we'll Remember

Be still and listen. Enchantment … is my name.
Hear my voice in the wind, the sea, the land?
Reach out and embrace me and I will speak.
My familiar is the carrion crow, knower of the
dead, attendee of battles. I am of the land, the
moon, and the sea. I am the cow of fertility, the
hunting wolf, and the eel of electricity. I am
wise, sly, and daring. I am the Queen, the Oracle,
the Warrior, and the Witch. I am the Sorceress
that will not be ruled, the Weaver of Time, the
Teacher of Mysteries. I am kin to the Badb and
Macha, for together we are the Sacred Three.
Come walk with me near the sea’s kiss, let me
show you the Old Ways and your innate power.
Come join me under the moonlight and learn the
Ways of the Warrior and the Queen. Let…

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