Dark Goddesses

My Disclaimer: I do not claim to be correct. These are just ideas I wish to share, feel free to debate them as you like, feel free to question everything.

Woo, Im sure that probably caught your attention. Hi, new blog time! I decided to go ahead and type this up now since I have time and could use something new to talk about. Now I just have to sort out my thoughts. 

I got the idea to write about this topic from a question I just answered on Y!Answers. A girl asked what she should do if a dark goddess is choosing her and her priestess is warning her of how ‘dangerous’ this goddess is. So here’s my tl;dr version.

First thing on my mind is- its not a good idea to look at any deity as ‘dangerous’, whether you’re polytheist, monotheist, pantheist, or whichever, it’s not respectful of the culture or deity to say they’re dangerous or ‘evil’. We’re already had our pantheons demonized by Christianity and the like, no need to do it ourselves. What is unpredictable and unknown scares a lot of people, it doesn’t mean it’s ‘bad’. Besides, you’ve come to Paganism not just for spiritual enrichment, but for a learning experience too. So why not seize the opportunity!

Second of all, all Pagan Gods and Goddesses aren’t all ‘love and light’! Even the ‘friendliest’ of Goddesses have a powerful hand they will use in their own way to show power. And you’re probably not going to like that, but it is of their nature. Remember to respect these deities as ‘people’, they have good and bad days too.

On the idea of if one happens to ‘choose’ you, and they’re not quite what you’re looking for, you can meditate on it, and politely decline if necessary. You can leave them an appropriate offering to thank them for their consideration, but you feel that you aren’t the suitable person to meet their demands.

That last sentence there is showing a sign of respect to deity, instead of “I dont want you, now go away” realize, deity wants you because they feel YOU are suitable for them. So you have to state in your own way “I’m not what you’re looking for, I appreciate your consideration, but maybe someone else will be suitable for you”.

So the questions…

What if they don’t go away and just keep bugging around? I would personally suggest to not shoo them away. You’ve already said your piece, now they’re still around. It’s a possibility that they want to show you something. Maybe they can lead you to the path of the particular Goddess you’re seeking. Read the signs and get to know them while they’re there. Maybe you’ll like them more than you did at first. How you interact with a particular deity is your own personal experience, no one else’s. You can write things down in your Journal/BOS, eventually you’ll be able to connect the dots. Sometimes there’s a deity trying to contact you to get you ready for something happening in the future. The possibilities are pretty endless, but all in all, make an effort to refrain from banishing them. Just walk with the tune of the earth, really.

What if it’s NOT deity and actually a malevolent spirit? From my experience the characteristics of a malevolent spirit versus deity are a little bit different. Deity usually tries to guide you somewhere. Depending on how you are, it might be a little bit of everywhere, a little bit fast, or slow and linear, but they will still guide you to some significant point. A malevolent spirit will just cause chaos with you and everything around you. Interaction with a malevolent spirit or entity raging havoc on your life wont be focused, it’s usually like trying to find a needle in a haystack. These you can mindfully shoo away from your life- or “If you’re going to stay here, you have to be good!”

Theres a bunch of other questions that could come up, but those are the main two. Last but not least, the most important part: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Learn everything, read everything, make sound choices for yourself if you’re having a hard time relating to or identifying deity or malevolent entity. Read everything about the deity you’re interested in, and read into the deity that’s trying to interact with you. Read their stories, folklore, any and all literature related to them. Getting to know them is the first sign of respect- which is a huge key, and well, respect is a good thing! xx 🙂 


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