Hekate’s Supper

The Way of the Transgressor is Hard

Hekate image - beautiful but odd

Artist Unknown

The New Moon was yesterday at about 10am here in North Carolina, so last night was the night for Hekate’s deipnon, Hekate’s Supper. I know the good people at Neos Alexandria on their Athenian calendar go by when the Moon is full in Athens, Greece, but that’s (I hope) because they live all over North America and Europe, not just out of some misbegotten nostalgia for Ancient Greece. As I said I live in North Carolina, USA, and to offer Hekate’s deipnon on any other day than the day of the New Moon would just feel wrong.

When I’m not lower than whale shit lately I’m often very, very close to Hekate. I think that had an effect on me last night. —Walking toward the crossroads with a bottle of wine in one hand and, basically, home made cookies in the other, I was terrified. The hairs stood…

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