Witch Tips: Researches and Checking Sources

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At the end of my undergraduate career I have been reflecting on how important finding information is in all of the aspects of my life.  In my Pagan life, research skills have helped me deepen my spirituality and have sorted the fact from the fiction.  Information is powerful and essential to learning or creating a vibrant tradition.

  • Works Cited Matter: If an article or book has a suggesting reading and a citation page, you can trace the author’s preparation and research.  This transparency is key.
  • So Do Names, Sort Of: Leaders in the Pagan community who have published books tend to be experts, although should not necessarily be taken for face value.  In general if the work is a collaboration (married couples/romantic partners can break this rule though), written by experts in a particular tradition (i.e. Starhawk writing about Reclaiming), or is a scholarly work (example: Drawing Down the Moon), you’re good.
  • The Internet Can Lie:…

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