Oh No! What happens when you read all the 101 books!?

My Disclaimer: I do not claim to be correct. These are just ideas I wish to share, feel free to debate them as you like, feel free to question everything.

There’s hundreds of “Wicca 101” and “Witchcraft 101” type books, where there’s so many, eventually they all repeat themselves. Its frustrating when you can’t find anything at your local bookstore, and when you DO find something, it’s probably out of town. But regardless of the circumstances, what do you do when you find yourself stuck in “101” and you want to expand? Here’s some ideas.

1. Try researching specific cultures you’re interested in. Say you’re interested in Egyptian or Celtic Paganism. The best thing to do is to look up everything you can on that subject. It doesnt have to be written by a Pagan author. It can be a historical book, an old classic, even take a class all about the culture you’re interested in if it’s available. Find out about all you can on the subject and enrich your mind with it.

2. Another good idea would be to research deities if you haven’t started that already.

3. Be creative and reflect on your own findings on the Pagan path. That’s pretty much why I created this blog so I can put what I’ve learned to use and share the information with other people. Exchanging information so easily allows us to learn from other people, so take advantage of it!

4. Research different philosophies and types of magickal work. Research ideas that will help put you in the right mindset you need for the type of magick you are wanting to work with.

5. Be crafty! Create things, your own personal inspirational art that reminds you of something, a collage of images embracing different ideas, the possibilities are endless.

6. Work with animals. If you don’t already, start! If youre timid with animals, just be calm and approach them with kindness. There’s so much we can learn from animals that we can’t learn from a book. Research the animal that corresponds with your particular deity and try working with them. The pure energy animals tend to give off is quite amazing.

7. Do more specific research. Herbs, candle magic, history of Paganism, language, ancient tribal communities.. etc.

There’s lots more you can do, and the possibilities are endless! Roadblocks don’t last forever, now go go go!


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