Currently, what am I reading?

Im always picking up a new book to read, and at the moment I’m at that point where I picked up so many books in a short amount of time that I’m backed up on books to read! Ahh! Thanks Half Price Books for feeding my book addiction!

After I finish reading this book called “Bisexuality: and the Ertoicism of Everyday Life”( its like over 300 pages long), I have to read…

“The Grimoire of Lady Sheba”

“A Community of Witches”

“Mrs B’s guide to Household Witchery” (this one I got as a gift last year)

Among a few others, but I just wanted to list the Pagan ones here since… thats what this blog is for! lol.

Meanwhile, I’m busy constructing and re-constructing rituals for the year, fine tuning things, and attempting to come up with a name for a group so I can possibly start a local Pagan meetup group starting Spring! Me and my other half are going to brainstorm a name for the group, because I feel once I have that settled, then I can get the ball rolling. I have a rough idea of how the structure will be, how I want it run and how I’m going to try keep it running and as drama-free as possible. Mostly keeping the amount of content consistent is going to be tedious, but I’ll figure it out. Its mostly going to be a group made for discussion and learning, and of course we never stop learning, sooooo yeah!

Wish me luck, eep! xx


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