Ramblings 2 ( more Wicaa stuff, don’t like don’t read)

I had to reblog this because it gives REALLY helpful advice, for the newbies and beyond. 🙂


Something I think that every Wiccan, particularly if you are a solitary should be aware of is that you are a clergy member, a priest or priestess in our religion.

Now some covens will not allow just anyone to preform certain rites but that is their own thing, that I know little about and don’t care to, my point being that regardless of what anyone says you are a clergy person.

Clergy is just someone who is able to understand their religion, and deal with their religion’s deities and preform religious rites. And I hate to break it to you but ANY time you cast a circle for what ever spell you want to do, you are preforming a religious rite, particularly if you call upon the goddess and god at any time during such. Now this probably doesn’t give you any legal standing, but when it comes to spiritual…

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