Random ( to people here) ramblings 1 ( Wicca stuff, don’t like don’t read)

Part one of that last reblog, still, very useful information for newbies and reminders for others.


I am an admin on a Wiccan page ( like I would say where) and I often post things there designed to make people think about their faith, path, and life.

I saved them and thought I would post a group of them here for everyone to read.

If you want a small window in to Wicca, or just want something to make you think please do continue, if you ant to ‘save me’ or tell me I am going to hell, please just stop now, believe me I have heard it all before, and not only do I not care what you think, I do not need or want to hear it again, get tiresome. ( Also goes to you coven nazis)



Harm none” is a basic guideline that is used by many.

However even in rede form it is a vague statement. And I believe…

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