Rant on gays shaming the Pope over his position about gays.

Goodness, I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or what, but people are still complaining about the Pope’s stance on gays. Rant time…

First of all, he’s a religious leader- not a political figure, not the leader for all people in the world- he’s JUST a religious leader for Catholicism and he expressed his thoughts on gays in that exact manner. Pretty much, for the gay Catholics, yet not exclusively to say “lawl all the rest of you non Catholic gays are screwed”.
Second of all, he spoke exactly on what the core of Catholic doctrine says about gays- the Roman Catholic Catechism says that gays are to be respected equally as people and treated no differently than anyone else. And Pope Francis also expressed his thoughts on suggesting that gays be celibate, JUST LIKE HETEROSEXUAL CATHOLICS. Not Catholic? Guess what? That rule doesn’t apply to you. Gay priests in the church? Isn’t a crime like rape and pedophilia, and shouldn’t be considered as such. “THERE IS NOTHING IN CANON LAW THAT SAYS PRIESTS CANNOT BE GAY”. Though, they must still remain celibate just like their heterosexual counterparts. Not becoming a gay priest in the Catholic Church? That rule doesn’t apply to you.
No he didn’t come out specifically throwing his weight on a political argument to legalize gay marriage. No he didn’t come out waving a rainbow flag, saying “yey free teh gays”, he didn’t target anyone or demonize anyone on either side. He pretty much said tl;dr “stop the fucking madness!”
At the same time, people are cheering, and people are outraged. Just comes to show how many people are claiming to follow a religion by name but not by practice, and the influence of evangelical fundamentalist beliefs infiltrating the church. Gays shaming the pope for not waving around a giant rainbow flag? Shame on you for damning the man for trying. Baby steps- because while it might have not stopped the injustice, his position is still advantageous. Simply, respect people, thats it.


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One Response to Rant on gays shaming the Pope over his position about gays.

  1. Wolf Moon says:

    I support gay rights and same sex marriage, too! Why don’t those ignorants leave him alone!
    But one good thing… this showing that the world are starting to be more open-minded and be more aware.

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