Hey There, You Look Like a Sucker, Buy This (Rant)

Tales of an Insane Spiritual Eclectic

There’s a huge difference between making a living and ripping someone off.

This is something that I’ve noticed for a very long time now, which we know this has been happening for as long as we can remember.

Scam artists

People who take naive people for granted, like trying to sell them this object saying they just have to have it for an obscene amounts of money. Usually the person buys it, but later finds out the worth by looking it up and all that jazz or have it break down on you within a week.

Now, in the metaphysical community, it’s a bit more tricky. Yes, I’m a huge advocate of supporting local store, finding legit sellers (I bought some Come Follow Me oil from my favorite vendor and it is the bomb!), and know in a lot of cases that stones, herbs, mirrors, and lots of other things…

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