We were quite “Happy, Happy, Happy” until you insulted my life.

First and foremost, this isn’t about Freedom Of Speech or Freedom of Religion. If A&E was anti-Christian, they would have NEVER aired Duck Dynasty due to its religious overtones.Some conservatives are even somehow pinning Phil Robertson’s suspension as “Pro-Muslim”. Contrary to popular belief, their holy scripture isn’t much different than the Bible. Try reading it. As a bonus for your time, I’m going to write this entire post without calling Phil Robertson a homophobic bigot. Unlike Phil, I can assert an argument without misusing and parroting scripture that lacks honest context to support my claim as to WHY his comments were not ok.

What this IS about is the misuse of scripture to support his insult towards a group of people. These things should be common sense, but when you have conservative crowds that believe the Bible should be able to override the Constitution in order to deny human beings equal rights in the eyes of the law, some things need to be reiterated more than once.

Before I even continue- America is not a Christian nation. People still believe that lie, because America is a Democracy, not a Theocracy. That’s a concept they should’ve learned in 5th grade. Our founding fathers were Deists, and I still remember my conservative, overbearing, detention hungry history teacher grimacing every time he was reminded of that fact. Go figure. Just because they say “God” doesn’t mean it’s YOURS. Don’t be so self centered.

Why is quoting scripture in relation to homosexuals an insult? First, according to the twisted, conservative view of the bible, “homosexuality is a sin”. Corinthians and Leviticus is often quoted, often with anger, often calling our lives “sin”, “dangerous”, relating us to murderers, liars and thieves, and they’re pretty convinced that “we’re from the devil”.
By now I hope you’d see why this is an insult. If you don’t, read further.
These scriptures are quoted, often coupled with blatant accusations of “harmful to kids”, “child molesters”, “homosexuals lead to beastiality”, as is quoted by scripture.

Lets send the “don’t shoot the messenger” idea straight to hell where it came from, because that’s a cop out. The messenger obviously supports the message he is delivering, so Phil Robertson agrees on the idea that “homosexuality is sin and leads to beastiality, disease and other vile inhumane acts” as quoted from scripture.

I don’t see why we should enjoy the subjective “truth” of being lumped with child rapists and being attracted to animals, just because YOU don’t “understand” how two people of the same sex could be attracted to each other.

Frequent question I’ve run into: “Well what about the homosexuals calling us bigots, that’s an insult too!”

It is an insult. But when you’re faced when the opinion of one of the worlds most dominant religions that say “your life is an ugly, false lie” and quote scripture as “proof”, growing angry is a defense mechanism because realistically, “how could anyone believe this tripe about me when I have done nothing but good? I just love another person of the same gender! its my life, not theirs!”

The truth is about Phil Robertson’s comments is that many LGBT people, as children, teens, or adults have to walk around pins and needles of the conservative half of Christianity that says “you deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth”. Every day some of us wake up and have to work an environment where we can’t talk about our significant other as openly like others can. Some of us have to hide for the sake of their children. Some of us have to hide who we are in order to stay in the good graces of our family who may be ultra-conservative. Some of us have to reject our identity in order to keep a roof over our head.

Every single day many of us close our eyes and hope for the best when we approach random people- regardless of who they are- and to simply start conversation, we wonder about religion, we wonder if they’re most likely Christian. In addition to that since they’ll most likely be Christian, we wonder if we’ll be verbally or physically attacked with the same scripture used against our equal rights in the eyes of the law. We wonder if they think that straight people are completely immune to the public and private abuse we receive almost daily, for the same “sins” they are also committing. We wonder, with every single Christian we find, that one of them won’t try to invade our lives with their personal beliefs, and live as equals even though we may not agree. We hope to someday find that one Christian who won’t parrot scripture we’ve heard a million times to condemn who we are.

We wonder (well, at least I wonder) if these same people that quote scripture to defend their insults against my life realize that the same scripture was used to begin “gay conversion therapy” that has been nothing but a death trap for gay people wondering if God can help them. I wonder if they realize that the “word of God” which they hold so close and powerful, has led people- adults, teens and children, to commit suicide. No, its not “the gay lifestyle” that killed them, as many conservatives claim. Its your faith in God that you hold so strongly over the lives of others that they feel they “deserve nothing short of death” for who they are.

Take it from me, Phil Robertson- though he’ll probably never read this- but we’re tired of dying for your cause, and we’ve had enough of your lies about who we are. Same goes to the ultra-conservatives out there who may read this. I’m not dying or changing to please you. You would have never even knew I existed if you hadn’t read this blog. Phil Robertson’s suspension is just a mere slap on the hand compared to the many gay people who are fired from their jobs every single day because of who they are, because the Christian Bible says so. Many gay people have lost their livelihoods- and their lives because of the misuse of Christian scripture in a “free”, “diverse” country.

Before I go, if you haven’t realised the repercussions of what your words may bring yet, read this suicide note from a gay teen. No one deserves to be treated like this, and we’ve had enough.

Blessed be. ❤


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4 Responses to We were quite “Happy, Happy, Happy” until you insulted my life.

  1. ianj2434 says:

    First of all I’m sorry that there are Christians who have completely said that you are from the devil. Because that is not true. What Phil was doing was paraphrasing scripture. He wasn’t saying thr be in homosexual would lead to beastiality. He was quoting 1corinthians which puts things in context listing the behaviors that will not inherit the kingdom of God. And as someone who has struggled with their sexuality and is a Christian, I have prayed, read the scriptures and really sought out if it is ok. Homosexuality is a sin. There is a difference in showing love to someone and not agreeing with there lifestyle. Then just to shove them aside. That isn’t right. I’m sorry that my fellow believers have said mean hateful things to you. That wasn’t right at all. God is love, and he loves everyone, requardless. But following Christ does come at a cost. There is no grey area. I can’t see proclaiming Christ and then picking tings out of scripture that I do or don’t believe. I’m not trying to start anything. I’m not coming to this with and angry outlook or anything. I’m simply trying to help you see certain reasons and sayin that yes Christians have been cruel. But also scripture is clear. I have friends who are gay and I love them dearly. They know where I stand and we agree to disagree. Hope this helps

    • Thank you for your time and thoughtful reply. Belief, no matter what it is comes at a cost. Mine has also come at many costs, one of them is being discriminated against because I am not part of the “majority” religion, and being told what I practice is “weird and evil” because they do not understand. Scripture is definitely clear, and that scripture is meant to guide the lives of followers of Christ, not to be pushed onto the lives of others who may not believe the same. If you are going to be Christian, you have to follow the rules of the bible. I am not Christian because I do not agree with the rules of the bible, therefore I also do not find any pleasure of having biblical rules placed upon my life when I am not even a follower of that deity. Agreeing to disagree is how things should be, but placing rules upon my life from a religion I do not even follow is 100% wrong, as it would be just as wrong for me to demand that you obey a Goddess as well as a God.
      You aren’t required to agree with the lives of LGBT people, but respect should be mutual, and calling us or what we do “sinful” “immoral” “disgusting” and the like because one of few interpretations of the bible does not approve of it- is not respectful. Those rules are for followers of Christ- NOT for anyone else. If being gay was a choice, it would be as easy as choosing a shirt to wear. For some, like yourself, it is more of a struggle, and here’s why: mankind cannot control the forces of nature, and nothing in the world can define what nature can or cannot do- which includes whether or not you will be attracted to the same sex.
      You’re one of very few lucky ones to still be here today through the struggle between one’s faith and their sexuality- most others have committed suicide as the answer, because of what scripture says. It doesn’t make much sense to “get rid of one’s sin” by committing a cardinal sin, which is suicide. The parroting of scripture should never drive a person to kill themselves for what nature intended them to be.

      • ianj2434 says:

        I can see your side absolutely. And yes it is not fair for people to push it on you. There is a difference between a religion an a relationship. They should have shown you through there actions what it mean to be a believer. I agree that it doesn’t make since to get rid of your sin by killing themselves. That’s aweful. But I don’t agree that nature is in control of anything. I believe God is and I know that he can change anything.

      • But, isn’t God the ultimate creator? God created nature. By the logic that nature is not in control, wouldn’t that imply that God is not within nature and cannot be found in nature, which ultimately leads to the conclusion that God cannot be found in anything he did not create? There are a ton of things science hasn’t been able to find the origin to, one of them being homosexuality, though it is found in thousands of species. Nature is far too vast for any of it to be reduced to a selective, narrow concept of “sin” simply because it is misunderstood.

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