‘I can’t be gay in northeast Louisiana.’ A ULM student’s powerful message to Phil Robertson

This post is incredible.

Something Like the Truth

[I had hoped to find a young person, like this University of Louisiana-Monroe student, to interview before I wrote my Times-Picayune column for Sunday’s paper. I didn’t find him in time, but on Saturday morning, I did find him. And he agreed to write about his experiences for this blog, anonymously. It’s very powerful stuff. I hope you’ll read it and share it. His message needs to be heard. – Bob Mann]

By Anonymous

Bob Mann recently wrote a post from the perspective of a young lesbian girl that really painted an accurate picture of LGBTQ life in Ouachita Parish. But I couldn’t share it on my Facebook.

It was too gay.

“It’s fine for you to stand up for the queers,” my grandparents will say, “but God help you if you’re one of them.”

I am, it appears to be, the last gay man still in the closet to his…

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