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In my interpretation of the Rede, ‘do what you will, if it harm none’ is an ethic that discusses personal intention.  It’s not acceptable to intentionally hurt someone, but conflict does occur.  Personalities don’t click, fates clash, and even some situations, people, and  reactions downright suck.  Bottom line, shit happens.

For times when harm comes your way (intentional and otherwise), defensive magic is appropriate. In most cases this should never intentionally hurt anyone.  It is simply a form of protection.  Here are several methods to practice.

  • Witch’s Bottle: These can be made for many different purposes.  One type works as a filter, letting good energy through and repelling bad intentions back to the originator. Ingredients include herbs, salt, sparkly objects (crystals, broken glass, etc.), pointy objects (needles, pins, and nails), and liquid (wine, apple cider vinegar, urine, menstrual blood, semen, etc.).  It’s great for home protection.
  • Shielding: A few years…

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