Witch Tips: Research Guide for Pagans

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Something I have noticed as a trend on social media websites is people asking for specific information about spells or Wicca that is fairly easy to look up yourself.  I get that people have to have a jumping off point, which I feel like most Pagans, Wiccans, and witches are happy to provide (myself included!).  I also understand that people new to the religion or witchcraft might be apprehensive to start researching.  But until a few days ago I never considered that maybe people are not familiar with doing independent research.  It’s not a thing about education level or intelligence, but rather a skill that anyone can acquire.  For a Pagan, Wiccan, or witch, the ability to find accurate information or something that jives well with personal paths is a key component to building a solid spiritual base.  So here are my guidelines for doing independent research.  I am going…

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