Watching “The Craft”

This I can relate to.

The Slavic Polytheist

The Craft Movie poster

So sometimes I realize I’m an awful pagan/witch/whatever.

Unlike most people who come to paganism or witchcraft that are younger (really around my age)…I didn’t come into it by “The Craft” or “Charmed” or any of the other pop-culture pagan phenomenon that are so popular/were so popular. The witchcraft/Wicca media things of the late 90s and early 00s weren’t at all what got me interested.

Case in point–my mom watched “Charmed”. I think I saw maybe 15 episodes total. I don’t have a clue what happens in that show. I don’t even know what goes on there. Personally, I thought the show was terribly stupid. I never understood what was so brilliant about it. It was confusing and made no sense.

Then there’s that movie brilliance of “The Craft”. I never even saw that movie until about 9 months ago. I was 21 when I saw it. Well…

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