My perspective on living my Childfree life

It’s been far too many stories in the news lately where women are driving their kids off a cliff, people leaving their babies in a car- and I’ll never forget the “baby in a microwave” case from years ago. But lets focus on the more recent one where the 33 year old man in Georgia left his baby in a hot car to die after he was discovered sexting and looking at childfree pages.
It’s personally really interesting to me how this stuff happens, and every time I remember how happy I am now when I made the serious decision to not have kids.
No, I am not changing my mind. Don’t push the issue, because you aren’t going to be there for the next 18 to 25 years taking care of it.
This in particular is the problem: people INSIST that I am going to change my mind, and at 22 years old, going to school for two degrees and working a full time job, at the moment (if ever) I won’t have time for kids. And whenever I do get the time, I won’t be spending it on kids. I’ll be helping shelter animals and feeding the poor like a human being is known to do, rather than selfish reasons to harden the heart towards issues we should be really worried about.
These people in the news are disposing of their kids in some of the most cruel manners possible- and however you go about it- yes, it’s murder. The stress of having kids is NOT worth murder, and depending on how rich you are (because, haha, justice), it could have you spend anything from 20 years in prison to the death penalty.
More parents nowadays are opening up about how much they wish they hadn’t had kids.
Let’s get serious: The biological clock is bullshit. The “biological clock” is just an age old design made by old psychotherapists and doctors to further dictate men (particularly women), what they -should- be doing at a certain time of their life to ensure “proper human development”. How many you had depended on your status and location.
Let’s get even more serious: Stop breeding like roaches. That’s a quote from someone’s comment today on facebook about a mother’s surprises about raising kids that she wasn’t taught before. Unless it’s a cultural thing where DNA is a necessity for royal ownership of a family name- having children isn’t necessary.
Let’s look at China for example. Somebody had enough of procreating and created the one child rule, preferably male. Unfortunately it hasn’t been favorable in the name of women’s rights, and it drives pro-lifers nuts with the regular use of abortion tactics.
Personally, I can’t blame them. Look at their country. Houses and apartments are piled on top of each other, smog is unbearable, you can’t turn an inch without bumping into each other, yet they’re a huge manufacturer of electronics and clothing products that are shipped worldwide and sold for 100x what it’s actually worth- Mostly assembled by low wage workers and 6 year old children put to work as soon as they’re able to walk. Inhumane? Necessity because there’s WAY too many people to share the work and wages?
Sometimes I think Chicago is busy, but then I think: China is way worse. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got a lot of great stuff there, but they’re also got a LOT of people. Too many people. Considering population control for them is better than the “animal control” here, there is still a LOT of people.
Lets go back to America and consider some facts that our education system is at least a few decades behind the rest of the world. Congratulations America: You’re mass producing idiots. Not a miracle.

Speaking of “miracles”: babies are not a miracle. It’s a “miracle” not to have them after speaking to one woman who has had six miscarriages and three stillborns, she said “I stopped trying and figured out children aren’t for me. If I ever want children in my life, I’ll adopt. I respect you for making the choice not to go through that, because even before they’re born, it’s hell on you.”
Now before you start feeling bad for the woman and express pity for her loss, let’s remember, it’s insensitive to express remorse on something another person doesn’t regret. She spends her time with her friends kids and does things she wants to on her own time. She works two jobs and spends her money on exactly what she needs and wants.
How many parents out there I haven’t heard say “I wish I could just masturbate in this living room, right here, right now, as long as I want to and however I want to”, for example?
That’s what being childfree is like. You can get up and go out the door without some screaming fleshbag making simple movement that much more complicated. Some people’s minds are ALWAYS in childfree mode. Vacation? Plan, pack, gone. Birthday? Party, drink, pass out. Pet? Search, pick, adopt. Parental “instinct” doesn’t always kick in after giving birth- let alone kick in at all, ever, not even once.
Humans are probably the only creatures to take their offspring and show it off to the world in pictures all over the internet, and it eventually becomes all they talk about, “LOOK WHAT I MADE, ISN’T THIS GREAT”? Not really, I know what it REALLY does. I know where that came from. And I know what chud you did it with to make it. Ew.
To a lot of childfree people, all babies look the same: soggy potatoes with eyes. LOUD soggy potatoes that are lukewarm and very messy. Not to mention the smell.

I know, parents are like “all you childfree people need to grow up”.
There’s loads of childfree individuals that are business owners, bosses, educators, some of them might even be your babysitters. Ooh. They just won’t be taking your kids home. Ever.
Parents eventually become obsessed with their offspring to the point where they can’t connect with anyone that DOESN’T have kids. Kids just become your life, right? IS that normal to stop being your own individual person to talk about how many times your kid puked on you in one day? Gamers will only hang with gamers, goths only talk to goths, and moms with minivans will just criticize you and tell you how much more grown up they are until you have your own minivan?
Better yet “make yourself a man and start a family, it’ll fulfill your life”. Who HASN’T heard that?
People don’t even have hobbies anymore, they just sit on pinterest and knit baby sweaters for the screaming baby that’s doing nothing but pissing them off because “I cant sit down for one minute because the baby needs something”.
Boy that sounds really fulfilling, let me get right on that!

What we really need to do- as a culture, and as a world, is to really stop bullshitting about children so people can grow up and make a REAL conscious decision about having kids. Kids from age 12 to 25 are having kids thinking it’s going to be as easy as the faux fetuses they took care of in parenting classes. Not nearly as easy as the plastic “feed me baby” baby doll you grew up with as a kid, is it?

Welcome to being indoctrinated: it feeds the system well. Not that it’s your fault, because let me be honest: I hated those godforsaken kids before I even knew what they were. I still remember til this day, a friend of my mother’s tried to give me a toy when I was about four or five. It was a baby doll with a stroller. It had the whole nine yards, diaper, bottle, even a back sling! Wow! AND “IT EVEN CRIES LIKE A REAL BABY”! WOW!

I don’t remember having the thing, but mom said I hated it. I wouldn’t even play with it. I looked at it with pure disbelief and fucking tantrumed out. So my mom gave it back and told the lady “she’s not having this”.

Even til this day I don’t think those “simulated babies” for kids are a good idea. Your kids are still under 10, why the hell are they playing with simulated babies when they don’t even know where they COME FROM yet? This is not a toy, it’s a TOOL. As are most kid friendly learning devices are these days, but when we watch generation after generation worth of children go downhill because they couldn’t even finish high school because they had a baby, look back before you ask yourself WHY? Did you make a clear conscious decision back then that “wow babies are great, better have ’em all!”

Why aren’t we- even in less than fortunate communities- coming out with more Einsteins and Picassos? When is my block producing the next Edgar Allen Poe without him becoming the next 2 Chainz to be shot in the street because everyone around him hasn’t even grown up yet? Why aren’t we focusing more on what’s here right now than popping out more “futures”?

We’ve neglected development and gone straight to the reproductive mode, and we feel so bad for the adoption agencies, yet “I HAVE to have one of my own”. Has it ever occurred to you that one of the largest problems with the fostering system is that kids are always going in and out because of status inequality? They aren’t the REAL kid, so they get second best.

Why? Seriously ask yourself why.

Is it your DNA? Is “blood” that important to you? Is it because you just know that your kids are going to be THAT much more amazing, because it’s 50% you? Is blood going to be your legacy in society rather than how you raise them?

Isn’t anyone here afraid- that like animal control, people assume the world would be overrun with cows and deer if we set them all free and stopped hunting them- that we’re going to be overrun with loud, destructive, overbearing, inconsiderate humans?

How many Hitlers and Kim Jongs do we need before we realize that there’s enough people here, we should probably stop populating and start taking care of what’s here around us?



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3 Responses to My perspective on living my Childfree life

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  2. habibilamour says:

    I’ve heard of theories saying that pronatalism is a good way to control people (duh your life is no longer your own)…..and if you want to see something truly retarded there’s some “rise of the woman child” bullshit article on Jezebel which is completely pronatalist. She criticises women for valuing friends over marriage and babbyz, (well excuse me for preferring relationships that don’t cost any autonomy!) and then thinks its immature to prefer movies like The Hunger Games over that What to Expect crap…..I’m surprised no childfree sites have ripped it apart.

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