I hate kids. But “you were a kid once too”. Here’s what I have to say about it.

I read this comment on facebook and I wanted to do this blog for the longest time.

“I understand not wanting to be a mom BUT to “hate kids” ? You were a kid once. Did you ever think what it would have been like if your parents thought the same way?”

I can tell you what that’s like.

Its like leaving your infant in the playpen alone overnight so you can go get drunk with your friends.
Its like raising your kid to party with you from the time they’re able to walk.
Its like being bullied at school for everything you wear and say and never figuring out what’s wrong, and having to hide it because you don’t want the outrage, yet you’re so tired of it all that you want to climb out of the fourth floor bathroom window and end it.
It’s like drinking at 12 years old for fun.
Its like trying to drink your emotions away at 16 and finally realizing you’re on your way to a serious problem.
Its like your neighbors warning your dad AFTER the fact that “hey you know your daughter was left alone at home when you went to work because mom left the house”.
Its like your mother telling you “whatever you do, don’t have kids, that shit will ruin your life”. Probably the best advice she ever gave.
Its like figuring out why you’re an emotional wreck when all your mother ever did was drown out her emotions in beer and cigarettes, and burn the macaroni and cheese.
Its like growing up too damn fast because you knew about things you shouldn’t have known about before your peers and when they ask you why you know so much, you have to bullshit around without telling them “Ive been doing this shit since I was a kid”.

So, yes. I was a kid once. Obviously having kids isn’t the best thing in the world, especially when you’ve been raised to become your mother’s own personal forever best friend.


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