Life of A Morrigan Devotee

Definitely worth it.

Wings of Badb

June 28th changed my life, as it was when I pledged my life to Morrigan, for as long as she saw fit, even if that is until my death. There wasn’t the flash from the heavens, there wasn’t a booming voice in which She called me, but I had waited for those big signs to happen. Until one day, I’m guessing in Her frustration with my tendency of fence-sitting, She made it clear. Little signs here and there, culminating into the whole. But overall, in the time since making my oath, my life hasn’t changed as much as I though it would. I have been tested, I have been taught, and I am learning to let go. Let go of the hatred, the regret, and the insecurities which hold me back. It is not an easy road, nor did I expect it to be. But it is worth it. 

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