Atheist Pagan questionnaire!

Not too long, only a few basic questions for a future blog. All replies will be kept anonymous. Copy the questions if you need to and send in your answers to: with “Questionnaire” in the subject!

1. Do you feel that being an Atheist Pagan is because you havent picked a deity, a deity hasnt picked you, or you feel that deities don’t exist at all?

2. Do you cast spells or perform rituals?

3. If you do spells or rituals, do you feel that deity is an important part of spiritual work in general? Why or why not?

4. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or hauntings?

5. Have you ever been ostracized or discriminated against because you dont believe in a particular god or goddess?

6. Have you ever called upon deities that you don’t regularly work with? Why or why not?

7. Do you wish there was more material out there on Paganism without the use of deities?

8. Do you identify as a general Pagan,  Witch, Wiccan, etc?

9. How would you summarize your personal moral code (example: do unto others as they would do unto you)?

10. How do you feel about the historical context of deities in general known through book material?

11. Have you directly worked with anyone who was spiritually “in tune” with a particular deity? How did you feel?

12. Have you ever been pressured to pick a God or Goddess for your path?

13. Would you be open to contributing some of your own spiritual work to the Pagan community that does not involve invoking deities, if you aren’t already?

14. Does most or all of your practice rely on science or is centered around science rather than spiritual intuition?

15. How do you approach subjects commonly discussed in Paganism, like Past lives, karma, reincarnation, pet spirits, familiars, etc?

Hope you enjoyed this questionnaire,  and I hope to see some results soon!


About Myrna Dragonchild

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