“Mundane witchcraft”: during the winter months!

Some people like myself are usually more active during the spring, summer and fall months compared to winter when it comes to casting spells and performing rituals.
These winter conditions usually call for a lot of introspection, maybe some pathworking, depending on your personal practice. Sometimes I would go without doing a single spell for months but sometimes a quick spell or prayer is necessary, especially if you’re expecting brutal weather.
One of my favorite things to do during the winter is a winter salt blessing. (Even though the salt might not purely be salt, its still something cool to do for a peace of mind.)
So, when I need to go outside and lay salt around the perimeter of my house, I scatter the salt on the ground walking clockwise (to invoke) positive energy and protection during the winter weather, usually with some impromptu invocation that comes to mind. Counterclockwise if your focus is on repelling negative energy instead (especially if winter gives you the blues).
If I’m just throwing a cup of salt outside on my front porch, I’d bless the salt first by either invocation or visualization (or both), and then throw the salt out.
Little things like this are usually really nice to do simply so you don’t feel “stagnant”, and you’re still putting your “magickal muscle” to some use, even in less than optimal conditions (unless you LIKE this weather lol).

What other “witchy” things can you think of to do while its cold and frosty outside?


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