Turning a memory into something magical


I couldn’t wait blog about this one, but now is the perfect time!
So there’s this thing some of us go through, called “post-concert depression”, after you go to a concert so good, the feelings just linger and you miss it so much, and you want it to happen again and again, but it’s like one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences.
Well that’s what this year’s Farm Rock Chicago was like, the lineup was amazing and my fiance and I particularly went to go see (and hopefully meet) Tom Keifer- which we did meet him and it was amazing. We were on cloud nine during the whole thing, I couldn’t ask for a better experience and such an amazing chance to meet such down to earth people. I left my windows partially cracked open (it was a hot September day), and I found dust all over the outside and covering the dashboard of my car from people driving up and down the dirt road behind us. I couldn’t even get mad about it, instead I was like “oh my god I can do something with this!”

So, I did.

Its like literally putting a memory in a bottle, and it’ll be great during the winter, especially if I’m feeling the winter “blues” (haha pun). I grabbed one of the empty bottles I had lying around and labeled it. (Remember I mentioned about how things shouldn’t be expensive?  A whole travel pack plastic bottle set for a dollar, and a pair of rubber bulb droppers for the same price. Bam.)

So if I’m making a witchy bottle, what stuff should I add to it? I dug into my black box of herbs and pulled out Clove. Each bag of herbs I have cost a dollar a piece, sometimes less if I’m buying in bulk. I took out five dried buds (thats a good power number to go with). So why clove? It’s magical properties associate it with Jupiter, fire, prosperity, friendship, healing, protection, and psychic awareness (among a few other things). On top of that, Clove is an essential staple of the herbal first aid kit. It’s a well known antibacterial and anesthetic (the traditional toothache remedy- yes I’ve used it for that too). This was really the first thing I thought of.

I throw my clove in the bottle and now what do I want to add? A stone. I found the cutest clear quartz that’s just small enough to fit. Mental clarity, protection, healing- perfect.

Now I decide if I want to use water or oil. I decided to use oil for this, and specifically almond oil. Almond oil is a carrier oil and if I want to bring out the scent of the clove, almond oil was my best option at hand. (Almond oil cost me a few bucks but it lasted me a very long time.) I also added some flowers too (they look cute suspended in fluid and the oil  will bring the scent out a little too.)

Last but not least- the dust. I took a clean Q-Tip and went out to the car and got a good sample of that farm rock dust on my dashboard. I dipped it in my bottle of oil and herbs and swished it around and disposed of the Q-Tip. I put the cap on the bottle and shook it. When to charge it? On the full moon! 🙂

Voila, and that is how you make a memory into magic!


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2 Responses to Turning a memory into something magical

  1. I just love this idea! I was thinking this could be used as a magical perfume oil (a little dust is okay on the skin :-), with the beautiful clove smell, the olfactory sense can be such a strong memory trigger. Can you tell me how you will use this? Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello there, thanks for reading!
      I plan to use it as part of my grounding mechanism for times when I’m experiencing anxiety, and overall mood swings. I have PMDD and if I’m in a depressed state, I feel that having something like this will help drag me out of that funk and into a much mentally happier space. 🙂

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