In Tune

I feel like it’s been so long since I blogged the last time, but it really hasn’t. I hope you guys missed me, ha! 🙂

So, really quick life update, everything so far has been the same, except a lot of different opportunities have come my way this year, but with those opportunities bring a larger duty.
Along with my day job in wireless, I’ve started work with Voodoo Queen Management and Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine, which has been a blast so far. It’s all hard work, but I enjoy doing it. If you didn’t know already, I really love music, and I love going to concerts. That’s just part of the job. The biggest part is doing promotions and connecting with other people, which I also enjoy. I particularly enjoy doing this because since I’ve picked up the guitar again, I’ve decided that being involved in music is something that I feel more comfortable doing than programming. I thought to myself that I have way too much personality to be a programmer. While the career is fun, it doesn’t work my brain the way I want it to, especially if all I’m doing with my hands is typing. At some point, I have to do both. Writing fulfills that need, and since I’ve done a few reviews for VQDM, I’m like “yay, I get to do what I love”. It’s nice getting to see how much work goes between getting a band together, and getting them up onto the stage. I feel there isn’t much of a chance to really “slow down”, always pushing, promoting, and creating new ideas is always exciting. The rest of the staff works incredibly hard, and we motivate each other, which I am super happy for. Major shout out to Yvonne and Kathey and the rest of the crew for being so awesome and welcoming me onto their team. ❤

On top of that I’m now co-owner of The Naked Parrot. While I’m working on the website, I’m creating merch to sell and pretty much helping get the business back on its feet after Dana had her near fatal accident. I’m very happy to be part of this business again, because I’ve helped out a bit before with booth vending and such, I’m always having a good time, and even better now I get to work with my hands more. I’ll be focusing on this for most of the day.

The reason I titled this “In Tune” was relating to my musical interests. I feel like things are falling into place and I have so many friends out there willing to help me and my musical adventure with my fiancee on bass.We’re both beginners having fun with this, but we’ll be putting together a band. I feel like this is where I need to be. For the first time In my life, I can say I truly feel content. Money is always an issue, but overall, I feel content with what I’m doing in life.

I play guitar. I picked it up again after I did once in high school, back then I simply wasn’t “getting it”. This time was different and I sought my own guitar and amp, one that was just perfect for me (not one in a kit like last time), and started practicing again. This time was much better than before and I finally feel it picking up. I learned all my basic chords and now I’me learning the scales. I slowly feel myself growing more fluid with how I’m playing, and I’m getting tips from great people I admire who have been guitarists for a long time. It’s very heartwarming hearing your favorite musicians give you valuable advice, it honestly is. It tends to ring in your head. If you’re out there reading this, thank you.

Music is the universal language that describes how we feel.

And that is incredibly relevant. Music in all its forms have existed for millenia, the musical tools have grown and evolved into greater things. I’ve incorporated my spiritual practice into this.

First you learn the rules, and then you break them.

The guitar, and all stringed instruments correspond with the element of fire, for several reasons. We can open our mind to the concept of fire and what brings with it. Fire can be fed, you can add more fuel to it, or it can be snuffed out. Fire, when touched, can burn– or it can warm your home, or burn it down when left unattended. Fire is a symbol of passion- we can think of the late musician Prince, and so many other talented musicians we have lost and what they brought to the music industry. These people have changed the game of what we hear and see every day. Fire changed the game of humankind. Fire gave us life, nourished us, helped us travel, and in a spiritual sense, seek the things that are greater than us.  Fire is the element to bring us together, in either curiosity, or fear. Fire is probably the greatest element of creation and destruction, which should be handled firmly, but diligently, with skilled hands to help you if needed.

You can use your instrument of choice as your spiritual tool, to carry energy as far as the ear can hear, and even heard by those beyond. Music can be felt more than it can be seen, which makes it one of the most powerful tools you can use. 🙂


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One Response to In Tune

  1. Great post! Glad you picked back up the guitar, wonderful outlet to express yourself! Just posted my experience attending Prince’s last concert, would love it if you checked it out!

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