About Me!


I’m Scecilia, or “Myrna Dragonchild”. I’m Pagan, and this is my blog! I’m 26 years old, and ordained under the ULC seminary as of October 2013. I’ve been a practicing eclectic Pagan since I was around 12 years old since I first discovered the craft.
My personal practice has developed in sections. I spent the first two years discerning my path which included learning my options and embracing the many paths that are available to suit my idea of the Gods and spirituality.
The next few years was dedicated solely to studying witchcraft and some history on it, my developing view on Wicca (which eclectic Wicca was where I started until all the books started to look the same), and creating rituals and participating in group work.
In fall of 2008, I became the PR for the Pagan/Wiccan group at my local college and helped clear up the misinformation people have about Paganism and inform people that Witches and Pagans are not inherently bad people. After a college hiatus, I went back to school and became a member of A.W.E.N., and a returning member of Tréibh nà Tíntean in Joliet.

Later I developed my spiritual outlook by analyzing different “101” topics from different authors perspectives and engaging in more thoughtful discussions about ethics, and representation of Pagans and Witches in general and how we relate and are seen in the public eye.

So, here- here’s a poll for your time. How about it?



One Response to About Me!

  1. 21stCenturyCatholic says:

    I’m glad you Liked my post “The Wild Witch” Myrna Dragonchild.

    Though I am not a Pagan, I do my best to highlight the goodness, truth, and beauty in Paganism, since it is a tenet of my Catholic faith to highlight goodness, truth, and beauty in all things. (Philippians 4:8)

    One of the ways I am trying to do this is by writing poems like “The Wild Witch” that portray and celebrate different ways of living one’s life.

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